Attention all Senior Choir Students!

The THS Performing Arts Boosters will be awarding two $250.00 Scholarships for our performing groups. If you are a senior and have been involved in Concert Choir or Show Choir, be sure to apply for one of these scholarships!

Requirements are:

  • Current enrollment in or completion of a choir class (mixed, concertand/or show choir) taught at Tuscarora High School

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA (including first semester of your senior year)

  • Good character (attendance and lack of referrals)

  • Parent or Guardian is a member in good standing with THSPAB

  • Choir fees have been paid

  • Evidence of leadership/community service

Each application must include the attached survey and an essay. Be sure to include your name at the top of both components as well as the type of scholarship for which you would like to be considered. Your essay will be approximately 500 words and must include answers to the following questions:

  • How has music played a role in your life?

  • Moving forward to college and beyond, how has your participation in this program influenced you academically, socially, or in your career choices?

  • Be sure to include specific examples about your leadership roles andcommunity service as they relate this program.

For multiple applications, you may submit the same basic essay but each should include examples that are specific to the scholarship type. Please provide a separate envelope for each submission.

All applications should be delivered to the brown, locked, wooden box in Mr. Moore's room in a sealed envelope by the end of the school day on Friday, April 19th. Only complete applications will be considered.The envelope(s) should be addressed: THSPAB Scholarship Application.

Your applications will be judged by music related adults from our community (NOT the director or members of THSPAB). Your essay and survey, with your name removed, will be scored by the judges.

So…apply today! We wish you the best!

Tuscarora High School Performing Arts Boosters